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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestment Support Our consultants have worked on a number of M&A and Divestment projects in Australia & overseas ranging from small assets to very large businesses both in the due diligence and execution phases. When planning a merger or an acquisition, the focus first and foremost - is on either liberating & capturing or creating value. Whether the value is to be realised through new organisational capability or assets, or simply taking advantage of efficiencies, carefully planning the change process, and its impact on people, can add to the success of integrating different organisations. Similarly, companies looking to divest assets (and the workforce that operate them) must develop good HR strategies to accommodate the requirements of a range of stakeholders - internal and external. Change & Project Management Knowing what to change isn’t the hard part. Knowing how to lead the change effectively will ultimately determine its value. It’s no coincidence that many internal change agents end up quitting or getting fired because of the unique challenges associated with leading change among one’s peers and colleagues. Our approach is a little different. If you’d like to understand more about how Crute Consulting can help your business manage change, give us a call. Board and Committee Alignment and Facilitation Boards and their committees sometimes need assistance when making decisions or seeking alignment on a particular direction or decision. Remuneration and Nominations committees around Australia are demanding that the data informing their remuneration and incentive policies is transparent and independent . Crute Consulting has extensive experience working with CEOs, Directors and NEDs can cut through the issues common to groups of strong individuals, towards clarity and resolution. Executive or Management succession planning Probably the most common problem faced by leaders of any organisation regardless of size, type or location; Who could lead and manage the organisation when the current leader is gone, for whatever reason? What skills, experience, and style is right for the organisation over the course of the next period? Are there at least a couple of options? If not, what needs to be done about it? Crute Consulting has first-hand experience with senior talent management and succession planning, ranging from small business owners looking for who will manage their legacy to CEO/Board succession for ASX 25 companies.
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