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Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Why do your employees choose to work in your organisation? What would it take for them to switch teams and work for a competitor? How many of them are aware of all the benefits (monetary and non-monetary) of working for your organisation? Each employee carries around in his or her head an assessment of the whole employment ‘deal’ that comes with working where they work. It may or may not be accurate. Many employers have decided that it’s better to get on the ‘front foot’ and provide employees with easy access to the facts of their employment deal. It’s human nature to want to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. A thoughtful approach to communicating EVP can help employees develop a more accurate assessment of the value of their current employment deal. Remuneration Reviews People like to say that money isn’t the main reason people go to work, but all employers know that unless people feel they are being fairly compensated for their efforts, they will leave. They may physically leave or, perhaps worse, they may just ‘check-out’ psychologically, adjusting their level of engagement to match their own internal view of the world. We have a great deal of experience in planning and executing salary review processes based on reliable data from specific industries. From reward based assessments to delivery of salary adjustment letters; we can run the whole thing for you or train your people administer it effectively in the future.. Incentive & Reward Programs Short and long-term incentive programs, project bonuses, completion bonuses, non- cash recognition programs; Crute Consulting can work with you to design something from scratch or can assess your current programmes.
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