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Whether your business is an Operating Company, a service provider or a start-up, if you depend on people to get the work done there are a number of basic requirements that need to be in place. People and Employment Processes and Supporting Policies Clear, accessible and up-to-date policies and communication presentations represent an investment in the future of your business. Recruitment Equity & Conduct Engagement of contractors Management of employee records Payroll Injury Management Termination of employment If you need support mapping and documenting your people processes and policies, we can help. Contracts of Employment and Position Descriptions Contracts of employment and position descriptions tend only to see the light of day when someone starts a new job, or when things go wrong. Either way, as an employer, you want the assurance of knowing that you’ve done everything possible to minimise the risk. Orientation and on-boarding The aim of a successful on-boarding process is to reduce the time it takes for a new starter to reach the expected level of productivity. As well as providing important information, an effective orientation introduces each new employee to your organisation’s history and values, whilst conveying the message that they are valued. A relatively small investment for a big return. Performance management, performance improvement and termination of employment Often unwieldy and burdensome, many performance management processes hardly seem worth the trouble they take to design, implement and administer. Others seem to be all about ‘the system’ and thereby neglect the relationship between managers and their staff. If you think your business would benefit from a more considered approach to performance appraisal and goal setting, or if you have a process that doesn’t seem to work, we can help. Interim appointments Sometimes you may find that your business needs more HR ‘clout’ than your budget will allow. Crute Consulting is able to provide your business with senior HR expertise for short to medium term appointments on a defined full-time or part-time basis. Perhaps you have an important project, need to cover a period of parental leave, or just can’t find the right person right now. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and agree upon a flexible solution that suits the needs of your business.
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