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Dealing effectively with matters of employee under-performance or misconduct can consume your time for weeks, or even months. If the outcome leads to disciplinary action or termination of employment, it is important to know that the processes you have followed will stand you and your business in good stead in the event your action is challenged. Crute Consulting can assist in a number of ways: Training your supervisors in more effective people management, including providing feedback and having difficult conversations with staff We can function as an independent agent capable of conducting investigations into matters of alleged misconduct Often mediation is a more desirable outcome, especially if the root cause tends to relate to issues of clashing personalities or styles Developing policies detailing how your business will address matters of alleged misconduct and under-performance including a standardised approach to performance improvement and termination of employment. If you require industrial relations advice in the context of workplace agreements, projects or the preparation of employee relations management plans, Crute Consulting has direct experience and is affiliated with some of the most experienced industrial relations experts in the country.
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